Platforms, E-Commerce & Loyalty services

What we do:

E-COMMERCE: we have realized many E-commerce platforms, both on our property and using Magento. Some Examples: Bakel, Pomellato, Culti.

LOYALTY PLATFORMS: We try to cover all the relation cycle, from ideation to business planning, project set-up, management (also in full outsourcing including logistics and purchasing prizes), up to monitoring and revising initiatives. Beside operative competences, we also offer technological platforms, dedicated support with help desk and campaing management instruments.

IMS: Interaction Management System and LMS: Learning Management System: platform for internal communication environments, intranet, extranet, online formation.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: We offer instruments and services for the management of the internal communication in the company. We have experience in different software languages, and we keep up with the development of technologies, in particular in the mobile sector. We have faced special challenges, for example:


Some examples of loyalty services:

Ferrarelle: The iniative was created for the buyers of Ferrarelle. The platform of management of the loyalty created for the project is made of front end applications (websites and mobile apps through which the clients can get the QR codes on the cards, get access to and order prizes and gifts, participate in Instant win games…) and back-end applications to register applicants, calculate points, give out prizes and visualize the dashboard containing the main informations on the initiatives offered in real time. We also managed an application to involve participants using a instant win games.

Acea: The loyalty program is managed in full-outsourcing. Rewards are given according to clients’ behaviours and decisions, and also by the level of engagement of the participant relative to other accessible services on the loyalty platform. The company uses our platforms and services also for other promotional activities, like, for example, initiatives to engage clients to subscribe to Web Invoices.