Internal communication and formation

What do we do? Measuring competences, creating contents and learning formats, online cooperation and engagement.

Digital as content: developing competences and digital working processes in companies from all sectors, and for all functions involved in the digital transformation: marketing, sales, customer care, retail, human resources.

Digital as channel: online formation projects, social learning, communities and other projects realized for your Company, customized for your objectives: assessment, content development, format, communication channels.

All kinds of competencies: “hard skills” (how does Linkedin work, how to use a company platform…your products and services, digital transformation, introduction and compliance to the corporate world’s rules…) and “soft skills” (how to use digital technologies in the relationship with your clients and colleagues, sales, team work)

We create courses using a mix of different multimedial channels, like videos, illustrations, animations, games and quizzes, mixing educational and entertainment parts. We offer on line solutions, in classroom and on the territory.

An example… in a digital transformation course, realized in partnership with Digital Academy, we taught how to use cloud condivision services.


Another example on the territory, we have created courses with kids and adults, in partnership with EcoMarine Malta and with contents provided by the biologist Patrizia Patti.