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More Interactive offers its customers – through its decennial experience – services and tools to create value by combining creativity and technology.
Digital Marketing, Digital Products and Services, Innovation and Technological Development: these three major areas are part of our background thanks to a team of professionals with knowledge in different sectors, from creativity to data processing, from software development to social media planning.

Web Sites, Apps & Games

We were pioneers in developing websites and communication projects on line and off line: creativity, visual design, software development…

Internal communication and formation

We work with companies from different fields, developing multi-perspective communication projects and learning facilities, both on line…

Platforms, E-Commerce & Loyalty services

Exploring the possibilities of advanced digital technologies, we offer you services of corporate identity branding and advertisement, to engage and incentive your customers…

Contests & Incentives

We create promotional marketing projects that fit your objectives, and help you sell, attract, involve, promote, and boost your business’ reputation…

Off Line Communication

We deal with all kinds of off line communication, from corporate identity branding to the creation of your company’s profile, brochures and direct marketing activities…

Story Telling & Videos

Thirst is nothing, image is everything. It was in the 90s when we used to listen to this advertisement in television. Everything  has changed, but nothing has really changed.

Web Sites, Apps & Games

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Web Sites, Apps & Games

RHIAG 60 anni

Web Sites, Apps & Games

Sting Occhiali Sangiovanni

Web Sites, Apps & Games

Amsterdam City Rights

Story Telling & Video

Non-profit campaign

Internal Communication & Training


Web Sites, Apps & Games


Offline communication


Web Sites, Apps & Games

Civita Tours

Contest & Incentive

Kinder & Disney

Web Sites, Apps & Games


Internal Communication & Training

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